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Genki Genesis

Genki is an athletic brand powered by a collection of 8000 utility-backed PFP's.

Holders will be able to benefit from our Web2 partnerships, PFP personalization, and exclusive drops to an ever expanding Genki ecosystem.

Our mission is to bring innovation to the fitness industry and Web3 space with new and exciting products and experiences. We want to push our initiative of "bring the energy" which promotes the idea that everyone should have a healthier lifestyle. We strive to make sure that everyone can be involved and enjoy what our brand and initiative offers.

Floor Price
Ξ 0.02
24H Average Price
Ξ 0.03
Decreased by18.94%
24H Sales
Decreased by64%
24H Volume
Ξ 2.25
Decreased by71.17%
Total Tokens
2 years ago
24H Unique Whale Buyers
24H Unique Buyers
Average Price + # of Sales
15 minutes
Time Period:
1 Day

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