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ALERTSThe most advanced trade alerts in the NFT space

WHALESThe most advanced whale tracking in the NFT space

Bonkalytics Premium


  • Instant Telegram + Discord NFT Alerts

  • NFT Momentum Alerts (only on Bonkalytics!)

  • Whale Accumulation Alerts (only on Bonkalytics!)

  • Mega Whale Activity (only on Bonkalytics!)

  • Real-Time Scam Identification

  • Smart Collection Labels (only on Bonkalytics!)

  • Alpha Research Reports

  • Best Deals (coming soon! Included with membership)

Only $29/month

Competitor Plan (NGMI)

Sad Plan :(

  • NO whale data

  • NO scam/rug identification

  • Slow/nonexistent alerts

  • Sketchy wallet integrations

  • Huge monthly expense

  • No research reports

$80/month :(

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